Walking Tours

We currently offer walking tours through the historic French Quarter (10 a.m. daily, meeting point St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square) in the heart of the city as well as walking tours through the Garden District (1:30 p.m daily, meeting point Starbucks, 2801 Magazine St.), which can be reached by car, taxi, bus or streetcar from Downtown. Just click the Book Now button to get your tickets.

French Quarter Tour
This is the heart of the city, established in 1718 made to look like a European town and named after family and friends of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France. You’ll get introduced to people like the French Baroness de Pontalba, enterprising privateer Jean Lafitte, an Ursuline nun named Madeleine Hachard, and other characters who shaped the colorful history of New Orleans.

Garden District Tour
A walk through an uptown residential neighborhood established 1832 after the Livaudais plantation land was subdivided. Wealthy merchants, planters, and bankers built gorgeous mansions surrounded by lush gardens amidst majestic live oak trees. Today, it is also home of several major movie stars such as actors John Goodman and Sandra Bullock.

Each tour lasts about two hours and will take place rain or shine.

Remember, you will be walking quite a bit, so please wear sturdy footwear; and especially in the summer, bring water and wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.